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 ****All registered voters affected by any changes will receive notification and new Voter Registration Cards prior to 2022 primary election *****

New Montgomery County and Maryland State and Congressional Election Districts have been finalized

—————Maryland State Redistricting ———

Maryland has enacted new Congressional and State Legislative maps, as required following the national Census.

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————Montgomery County Redistricting———-

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The Montgomery County Council has voted to enact Bill 41-21, Elections Council Districts – Boundaries, which is the enabling legislation that revises the boundaries of Council districts to create seven districts as required by the Montgomery County Charter that was amended by the voters in the 2020 general election. The previous five districts will become seven. In addition to creating two new Council districts, the Charter requires that each district must be compact in form and composed of adjoining, contiguous territory. The populations of each district also must be substantially equal.

District 1 includes Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, and Travilah.

District 2 is exclusively upcounty; it contains all of North Potomac, all of Germantown, and includes Clarksburg.

District 3 is in east county and would be a plurality African American district. It starts at the Beltway around Four Corners, goes up to Burtonsville and up to the top of Cloverly, Spencerville, and Colesville.

District 4 includes Rockville and Gaithersburg. The commission voted to keep the cities together.

District 5 is the Silver Spring district. It includes Silver Spring/Long Branch and Takoma Park, extending up to North Bethesda.

District 6 is the Wheaton district; it starts in Forest Glen and includes all of Wheaton, the entire Glenmont district, and goes up through Aspen Hill into Derwood.

District 7 is the upcounty/midcounty district. It includes Olney, Montgomery Village and continues all the way into Damascus.

The Council enacted the recommendations from the Montgomery County Commission on Redistricting Report with amendments that do the following:

the Kemp Mill community becomes part of District 6;

the Northwest Park/Oakview neighborhood becomes part of District 5 with the rest of the Hillandale community;

the Willows of Potomac/Traville Gardens neighborhood is combined with the rest of this community which places Precinct 04-024 in the same district as Precinct 04-035 in District 3 and moves Precinct 04-011 from District 3 to District 1;

the Aurora Hills community becomes part of District 2 ;

the precincts in the Potomac/North Bethesda community just west of I-270 become part of District 1 and moves two precincts from District 1 to District 4;

the Ken-Gar community in Kensington is moved from District 6 to District 4; and

the Derwood/Redland community becomes part of District 7.