Brit Milah and Brit HaChayim

The birth of a new baby brings joy to the entire congregation. TBA members are encouraged to contact Shelly Gordon about your new baby so we can share your wonderful news with the congregation.

Brit Milah

The Brit Milah (“covenant of circumcision”) refers to the religious ritual through which male babies are formally welcomed into the Jewish people. The ceremony is celebrated on the eighth day after birth. The Brit may be held at home or, for babies of members of the congregation, may be held in the Temple. It is usually held during the morning or daylight hours. The circumcision is performed by a mohel who is trained in the surgical procedures of Brit Milah. Our clergy will be happy to take part in the ceremony if requested. Please email clergy assistant Amy Steinborn to learn more.

Brit HaChayim

Brit HaChayim (“covenant of life”) enables parents to convey the name to a baby girl. Our clergy are available to officiate for TBA members in the setting of their choosing on a mutually agreed upon date. We also welcome guests of the congregation to have their children named during any Shabbat service in our sanctuary. Please email clergy assistant Amy Steinborn to learn more.

Brit Milah and Brit HaChayim are more than ritual; more than symbols – they are ceremonies that emphasize our belief that each Jew, from birth, must enter into an individual relationship with God, Torah, and the people of Israel.