Financial Assistance

As part of our commitment to inclusion, Temple Beth Ami never wants financial hardship to prevent anyone from fully participating in congregational life. There are two ways we can assist families with demonstrated financial needs.

Direct Support

Our Clergy Discretionary Funds can be used to assist members in crisis. This can include but is not limited to help with making a mortgage or rent payment, paying utility or medical bills, or other unaffordable household expenses that threaten a member’s health and welfare. Please contact Rabbi Pokras or Rabbi Weiss directly if your family is in crisis. 

Financial Assistance for TBA Membership Dues and Machane TBA Tuition

Temple Beth Ami welcomes all members, including anyone experiencing financial hardship that mitigates their capacity to fully afford their financial commitment to the congregation. Each year, TBA’s Board of Directors allocates funds to provide financial assistance for families who are unable to fully contribute their membership dues due to a demonstrated financial need.

The Temple’s Financial Aid Committee manages a discrete and dignified process each year to assist families. Your confidentiality is of utmost importance in this process. Your name will be redacted and replaced by an identification number by one member of the Financial Aid Committee, who will then present all applications for consideration to the committee. This ensures your privacy is protected and that your application is objectively considered on its merits.

Please note:

  • All congregants requesting financial aid are required to fill out the financial aid request form each year to ensure an equitable and informed decision is made for each applicant.
  • Your name and other personal identifying information will be removed before the Financial Aid Committee reviews your application to ensure your anonymity.
  • Please consider your actual financial need when making your request to ensure that we are able to adequately and equitably meet the needs of congregants who have demonstrated financial needs.
  • Financial aid requests should be submitted by July 15, 2023, to enable the committee to make timely decisions. Applications submitted after July 15, 2023, will be accepted and reviewed as quickly as possible. However, decisions may take longer based on the committee’s capacity.  

All correspondence and questions should be sent to


Mike Zbarsky
Financial Secretary/Chair, Financial Aid Committee