The Board of Directors, with input from the Congregation, enacts policies in accordance with the Temple’s desire to be an inclusive and caring community. Our members’ safety and security is of the utmost importance, a concern reflected in the policies below.


  • Temple Beth Ami is committed to respecting the privacy of our congregants and all visitors to our website. The following details the policies that Temple Beth Ami has in place to safeguard your privacy. By using our website, you are agreeing to the policies below.

    Collection of Information
    When you request information on, you share your first name, last name, mailing address and e-mail address with us. This information is required to register for courses and/or programs, or make a contribution. When transacting a sale, we will also require your credit card number. At certain times, we may collect demographic information via website surveys. This information helps us better understand our website visitors and is completely optional.

    Email Addresses
    When you provide your email address to Temple Beth Ami, we will periodically contact you through email.

    Financial Information
    Temple Beth Ami will protect any financial information you provide to us. If you choose to make a contribution or register for a program online, your credit card number will only be used for processing your request. Your transaction information will be stored on our secure servers, but this information is never shared with third parties. We restrict access to customer financial information for use by authorized Temple Beth Ami employees only.

    Cookies are small bits of data transferred to your computer by a website to facilitate your online experience. Cookies are only used to assist in customer log-in functions, track the progress of e-commerce transactions and to record session information in order to analyze website effectiveness. We do not share information obtained by cookies.

    There may be areas of the website that are accessible by password only. Passwords are kept confidential and will not allow access to payment information such as credit card numbers, etc. If you have forgotten your password, contact the office to have instructions emailed to you. If you have been assigned a password and have trouble signing into your account, please contact the office.

    Uses of Personal Information
    Temple Beth Ami uses the personal information it collects to process your orders, and to notify you of event changes and updates. Any personal information collected is used by Temple Beth Ami employees only and is not sold to any outside parties. Temple Beth Ami does not share this information with any other non-profit Jewish organizations.

    Our site provides links to other organizations’ websites. We do not control the use of personal information on websites other than our own.

    Changes to the Policy
    New technology will continue to be added to Changes in the privacy policy will be reflected here as new technology is implemented, so please check back periodically.

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    The purpose of this page is to articulate a Temple-wide policy on food allergy management. This policy is meant to be both instructive and informative. The intent is to provide Temple staff, congregants and guests with clear information about the foods allowed in the building, so persons with allergies (and/or their guardians) may make informed decisions.

     At Temple Beth Ami, we are committed to the health and well-being of all our Temple members. This policy applies to all Temple sponsored events but does not apply to renters and other outside groups that use our facilities.

    We will strive to make reasonable accommodations for congregants and guests with food allergies.  We will designate certain zones, such as Temple Beth Ami Nursery School and Machane TBA, as high allergy awareness and will strive to make such areas nut-free zones.  Our goal is to create a welcoming environment but we cannot provide a completely allergy-free setting.  Our objective is to offer adequate, accurate information to enable visitors to ensure the safety of themselves and their loved ones.

    Temple members and guests with food allergies should always exercise judgment regarding precautions necessary to safeguard their health, including always carrying required medications (e.g., EpiPen) and notifying staff and event organizers in advance of requested food accommodations.

    Policy for Temple-Sponsored Events

    Temple staff will not purchase foods labeled as containing tree nuts, peanuts or nut oils or extracts for Temple sponsored events.  Temple-sponsored groups purchasing food (meals or snacks) for Temple-sponsored events should strive to arrange for food that does not contain tree nuts or peanuts, including nut oils and extracts. 

    Publicity for any Temple-sponsored event should indicate whether or not food will be served.  For those events where food is served, publicity will include the name of restaurant/caterer and contact information as it becomes available.  Where snacks are served, packages/labels should be available for review.  Congregants and guests with food allergies are encouraged to contact event sponsors to request special food accommodations.

    When food is made available for purchase at Temple events, the organizers will provide allergy-friendly options. 

     At Onegs, a separate table will be set with allergy-friendly items (e.g., Enjoy Life brand). 

    While the Temple is unable to assume responsibility for ensuring that homemade goods are nut-free, we urge congregants to refrain from bringing goods containing nuts into the Temple.  All homemade goods will be marked as homemade.

    Policy for Temple Beth Ami Nursery School and Machane TBA (Religious School)

    In addition to the Temple-wide policy, additional specific policies are in place for TBANS and Machane TBA.  These policies are additive to the Temple-wide policy and do not replace it.  Specific questions about these policies should be directed to the Early Childhood Director or the Director of Education.

    Please see the Temple Beth Ami Nursery School Food Policy (begins on page 8 of the Parent Handbook) and Machane TBA Policy on our website. 

    TBANS and Machane TBA may make additional accommodations to their published policies to further ensure the safety of individual children with specific food allergies. Parents of children with such food allergies should meet with the Director (TBANS or Machane) to discuss specific additional accommodations that may be needed.

    Staff working in the TBANS and Machane TBA may not bring or consume nuts or nut products in the school spaces. 

    Policy for Temple Executive Offices

    There will be no nuts or nut products in the Front Office reception area.

    Staff working in the front office may bring and consume nuts for personal use in their private offices only.  Temple members and guests should notify staff of food allergies prior to meeting in their private offices, so that reasonable precautions can be take to accommodate individuals with allergies.

    Judaism teaches us that the most important obligation (“mitzvah”) is to protect every life, and perform whatever actions are necessary to avoid any potential harm to an individual (“pikuach nefesh”).  We adhere to this food policy as we model the value of being sensitive to the needs of others.

  • Temple Beth Ami Front Office:

    • All Temple Offices follow the weather announcements of Montgomery County Government for morning delays or closings. Temple Beth Ami will make an independent decision about any programs scheduled in the afternoon or evening in the case of inclement weather.

    Machane TBA:

    • Machane TBA follows the inclement weather decisions of MCPS. If there is an early dismissal, Machane TBA is closed.  If afternoon and evening events in the County are cancelled, TBA High is closed,  On Sundays, check email and the TBA website for information

    Nursery School:

    • The Nursery School follows MCPS closings for the first 2 days of each weather event and will make an independent decision on the 3rd day.
    • If MCPS has a delayed opening, TBANS early arrival begins at 8:30 am (not 7:30), and regular classes start on time as scheduled at 9:30 or 9:45 am.
    • If MCPS announces an early dismissal from school, TBANS will close at 1:00 pm (no afternoon activities or aftercare);
    • If MCPS cancels after-school or evening activities, TBANS will close at 2:30 pm.

    Holiday Closings

    • The first day of all Jewish holidays
    • The 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah
    • The last day of Passover
    • January 1st
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    • President’s Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Independence Day, July 4th
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • The Friday following Thanksgiving Day
    • December 25th
  • Accessibility

    Temple Beth Ami strives to integrate inclusion into every aspect of our community.  Jewish continuity is dependent upon enabling and empowering every Jewish individual to become actively involved in all aspects of Temple life. We are committed to making our synagogue, services and schools accessible to the everyone who wishes to participate.  Inclusion is not only about training and accommodations, it is about attitude and commitment. If, at any time,  you have a situation that requires accommodation, please contact our Executive Director, Janice Rosenblatt and we will make every effort to assist you.

    When you visit Temple Beth Ami, please enter through the main entrance. Because of enhanced security, all exterior doors are locked.  As you approach the building, there is a buzzer to the right side of the doors. Press the button; a member of the staff will answer, ask you to identify yourself, and buzz you in. The system is also light activated; push the button, watch for the light, identify yourself and, as soon as you see the light flash on the door, pull the door open. Because it is not possible to keep a wheel chair accessible door locked, it had to be disabled. If you require assistance entering the building, please tell us when you identify yourself and we will be happy to come to the door to meet you.

    If you experience a problem with any of the equipment, please notify Janice Rosenblatt  or the person at the door, so that we can fix it.

    Our services in the main sanctuary are both broadcast through the phone system (301-309-3834) and video streamed through the website (

    Both MachaneTBA (our religious school) and TBANS (our nursery school) are fully accessible to individuals with disabilities and welcome all students.  Please refer to the sections on the website.

    Every child will have the experience of celebrating becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah in the Temple.  We will work with each family to individualize the tutoring process and service content, responding to what resonates with their child as learners and inspires them as Jews.

    Hearing Accessibility  

    Sign Interpreted Events
    Shabbat morning and evening services, holiday and festival services are sign-interpreted upon request.

    Members of Temple Beth Ami may request interpreters for meetings, family education workshops, Temple wide events, and Shabbat morning and evening services. Bar and Bat Mitzvah families may also request interpreting services for their guests with hearing needs. 

    To ensure that an interpreter can be made available, three weeks’ notice  is requested. To request a sign language, oral or a cued speech interpreter, contact the Rabbis’ Assistant; she will need the following information:

    • Name and description of event/service
    • Start and end time of assignment
    • Type of interpreter needed 
    • Contact person’s email address, telephone number

    Assisted Listening System: An assisted listening device system is available in both the sanctuary and the chapel. To request a hearing device, please ask an usher at services. For other needs, contact Janice Rosenblatt or via telephone at 301-340-6818.

    Physical Accessibility  

    There are 6 reserved parking spaces in the front of Temple Beth Ami; please be considerate and only park in those spaces if you have a sticker or tag. During special Temple wide events or High Holy Days services, additional parking spaces are set aside for people with physical disabilities. 

    Access to the Bimah:
    A ramp is available to the bimah in the Sanctuary and our ark is accessible for individuals who use wheelchairs or walkers. Our Rabbis are sensitive to the needs of individuals who may find steps to the bimah difficult and will make every effort to offer accommodations as appropriate. 

    Seating Access: 
    There are seat cut out areas to allow for individuals to remain in their wheelchair during services.

    Wheelchairs and Walkers:
    The Temple has wheelchairs and walkers available for congregants and guests. Please ask in the office during regular office hours or an usher on Shabbat and holidays.

    Visual Accessibility  

    The Sanctuary, Chapel, Social Halls and restrooms are all well lit. 

    Signs throughout the building are labeled in braille

    Prayer Books:
    There are large print prayer books in the pew in the rear of the sanctuary as you walk in.  Please return them to that rack so can access them in the future.