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As a proud Zionist congregation, TBA unequivocally supports Israel’s right to exist and defend herself. We hope and pray for the day when Israel will be able to coexist in security and peace with all her neighbors. We also mourn the loss of life in Gaza as Israel seeks to rescue the hostages and defeat Hamas. To help you learn more about the complexities, challenges, and seemingly intractable difficulties Israelis and Palestinians face, we offer the following programs and website resources:

Upcoming Events & Programs

Live & Learn with Ira Weiss: Parallel Narratives Never Meet
Tuesday, 4/16 at 10:30 AM – In Person only
Palestinians and Israelis each have a national narrative in which the Arab-Jewish conflict plays a critical part. These narratives are the histories that are communicated in the history books, media, literature, art, and personal discourse of the two societies. The two narratives are dramatically different in content, yet each is understood to be the whole truth by most people in each society.  In the course, we will discuss how events in the long-standing conflict are depicted in Israeli and Palestinian discourse.

Lunch & Learn with Levi Cooper, Visiting Scholar, Pardes
Friday, April 12 at 12 PM – In-Person & Zoom
Indulge in a captivating Lunch & Learn session with Levi Cooper, Visiting Scholar from PARDES, as he delves into the timely topic of “Ripped From the Headlines: A Focus on The Jewish Value of Redeeming the Captives.” Explore the profound significance of this age-old Jewish value in today’s world, gaining fresh perspectives on its relevance amidst contemporary events. Whether you’re joining us in person or via Zoom, this hybrid event offers the flexibility to engage with Levi’s insights from anywhere, making it perfect for your lunch break or on-the-go learning. Register today.

Shabbat of Hope: Israel @ 76
Friday, 5/10 at 6:30 PM 
Leading into Yom Ha’atzmaut, we will reflect on this Shabbat about the state of Israel and our hope for its secure future. 

Current News and Information

Rabbi Pokras and Rabbi Weiss have created this page to help you answer common questions about the war, including:

  • Why Israel is Not a Settler Colonial State
  • Four Reasons Why the Events in Gaza are NOT “Genocide”
  • What Does the Slogan “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free” Mean?
  • What Does the Slogan “By All Means Necessary” Mean?

Recently Rabbis Pokras, Weiss, and Luxemburg signed this joint letter from Maryland rabbis to Senator Chris Van Hollen to reconsider his rhetoric on Israel. The rabbis wrote: “While Israel fights against terror and threats of annihilation, we are aghast by [the senator’s] claims about war crimes and your portrayal of Israel as the aggressor,” slamming Van Hollen for efforts to condition or cut off military aid to Israel, which the letter describes as necessary to protect Israelis and Palestinians from Hamas.” Read more here.

Members of our Israel Matters’ community recently shared the following noteworthy articles and op-eds. Depending on the source, a subscription may be required for reading. Click here to join the Israel Matters list serve.

Relevant News Sources and Jewish Organizations

We encourage you to stay updated by following these news outlets and Jewish organizations:

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