Member Support

Inclusion – ensures that Temple Beth Ami will continue to strive to be a welcoming, open and inclusive  community that accepts everyone with generous hospitality. Contact Judi Goozh

TBA Cares – supports congregants and their families during illness or bereavement. Welcomes new members and helps integrate them into the community.  Contact Evan Krichevsky.

Bitachon (Mental Health Initiative) – provides a safe and sacred place for congregants and works to cultivate community connections that promote mental health awareness.  We aspire to:

  • Create a safe and sacred community that fosters trust, comfort; and openness. 
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and mental health challenges. 
  • Educate our congregation on broad topics of mental health and wellness. 
  • Support mental health training for clergy, staff, lay-leadership, and synagogue volunteers. 

Contact Becky Corbett, Rachel Boxman, or Abby Gritz.
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