B’nei Mitzvah

Becoming a B’nei Mitzvah is a joyous milestone on your child’s journey to Jewish adulthood. B’nei Mitzvah recognizes the achievement of a degree of proficiency in Hebrew and your child’s ability to lead the congregation in worship.

At Temple Beth Ami, we emphasize the importance of Jewish learning at all ages and encourage all children to continue formal Jewish education through Confirmation, high school, and beyond. Our children learn that they are each a vital link in an unbroken chain of Jewish people who have studied and cherished the Torah, who understand the wealth of our Jewish heritage, and who recognize the deep spiritual significance of ascending to the reading and blessing of the Torah.

All children become “sons and daughters of the commandment” upon turning thirteen. At Temple Beth Ami, our children are eligible to be called to the Torah as a B’nei Mitzvah on or after their 13th birthday. Although most families choose to celebrate this occasion publicly at a service in the Temple, it is not mandatory to do so. Some families choose to mark this step in their child’s Jewish education with a trip to Israel and a B’nei Mitzvah ceremony there. How and where you celebrate this milestone is up to each individual family; the Rabbis or Cantor will be happy to discuss this with you and assist you with your preparations.

In order to begin tutoring for B’nei Mitzvah, each child must have successfully completed four years of Hebrew study, must be attending Machane TBA (religious school), and is expected to attend Machane TBA through eighth grade.

Complete details on how Temple Beth Ami will prepare your child to become a B’nei Mitzvah in the final months leading up to their assigned service date can be found here

Questions? Please contact Cantor Eschler.