Health Policy

Each child must submit a current Maryland State Department of Education Office of Child Care, Health Inventory, including an immunization record indicating up-to-date vaccinations, in order to attend school.

A child who exhibits any signs of illness will be isolated with an adult, while awaiting pick up. An approved adult must pick up the child within 30 minutes of the phone call.

When a child or staff member shows symptoms or reports exposure to a contagious illness, Gan Ami will follow the Montgomery County Department of Health instructions. The Department of Health may institute any number of protocols including the ill person’s exclusion from school for a set period of time, the requirement of a doctor’s note clearing the person to return to school, a negative COVID-19test result, or even closure of a classroom, multiple classrooms or the school for a set period of time.

If a child has been ill but determined by a health care professional not to have COVID, the child may return to school when they have been free of fever and any stomach upset (without the aid of medication) for at least 24 hours, and when they have taken any prescribed medication at home for at least 24 hours. All children returning to school after illness should be ready to fully engage in all activities and comfortably wear a mask as required.

Notices will be sent to parents when information provided about a medical situation may be instructive for other families watching their own children for signs and symptoms of contagious illnesses. Gan Ami will make a concerted effort to respect the privacy and confidentiality of teachers, students and/or families who may be experiencing health adversity. However, due to the necessity of contact tracing during the COVID pandemic, in some cases, the name(s) of those affected may need to be shared to better ensure the safety of the community at large.

When a child has lice, the child must be treated, and all nits and bugs must be removed. If a child is treated by a professional lice remover, then the child may return to school with the documented permission of the professional. If a child is treated by the parents, then the school will check the child’s head to clear them for reentry to school. Other parents will be notified so they can check their own children, and the classrooms will be cleaned appropriately.