Class Placement Policy

Teachers who are most familiar with a child’s strengths, goals, learning styles, communication abilities and friendship patterns consider the best classroom placement for each child. Our teachers’ expertise in child development, their affection for each child, and their passion for each child’s success are paramount in the class assignment decision-making process.

The School Staff will:

  • Place each child in a nurturing and supportive classroom environment that will optimally support their growth and development.
  • Place each returning student with familiar peers from the current same-age classes who will best support their learning.
  • Ensure that each child has the opportunity to develop new relationships in their next class.
  • Create and reevaluate class lists prior to distribution to be sure each group is best suited to create a positive classroom community the following year.

Parents may email information to the Director that they believe will help facilitate the best class placement for their child. Helpful information includes parents’ reflection on their child’s learning and play styles, responses to varying teaching styles, and especially their hopes and dreams for their child’s next educational year.