Why Parents Love Early Childhood at Temple Beth Ami

“My kids are so happy to go to school every single day! Their love and excitement for school is infectious and it makes me so happy – thank you for creating a ‘happy’ place for my kids.”

         “When you think of Beth Ami, you just think amazing teachers.”                      

“In keeping with Jewish tradition, Beth Ami is always asking questions…to improve upon its work everyday.”

          “We’ve made great friends. There is a real sense of community.”

“My two Beth Ami grads were at the TOP of their Kindergarten classes so Beth Ami not only did a fantastic job of nurturing their souls and creating Mensches, they helped sculpt those little brains too!”

            “There are so many opportunities for our kids to learn new things.”

“My girls are learning how to lead a Jewish life. There’s something about the Reform movement’s approach to social justice and teaching a ‘whole Jewish child’ that Beth Ami does really well.”

              “Thank you for being a safe, happy, loving place for our children to learn to love school every day. Thank you for making them feel happy, excited, positive and special from the moment they walk in the door. Your patience and obvious affection for the children warms the hearts of those of us who love them, and makes it a joy and blessing to bring them to you every morning. Thank you, also, for doing SO much to make their families feel included as special participants in their development, education as well as their delight and joy in all that they do at their school.”