Live and Learn with Ira Weiss featuring "A Touch Away"

27 Jun @ 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Join returning “Live & Learn” facilitator, Ira Weiss, for a “watch & discuss” series of class in June. We will be watching an 8-part Israeli TV drama about the relationship between a young secular Jewish immigrant from Russia and a young Haredi woman in B’nei B’rak.  Called “A Touch Away” in English, it was first broadcast in Israel in 2007.   The final episode broke all prior Israeli TV audience records at the time.  This Romeo and Juliet love story also portrays the life of new immigrants to Israel and the relationships between secular and religious Jews.  In our class discussions, we will have a chance to talk about the TV show itself and also how the secular-religious conflict depicted in the series is reflected in the street demonstrations that have exploded in Israel in recent months.