Temple Beth Ami COVID Protocols

The following COVID protocols are based on Montgomery County’s regulations as of August 7, 2021, and are subject to change if circumstances warrant doing so. We will communicate any changes, if needed, by email and on this page.

All Worship Services (other than High Holy Days – click here for High Holiday information)

  • All congregants and guests MUST be masked the entire time they are inside of our building, regardless of vaccination status.
  • The clergy and a minimal number of congregants participating in the service will be unmasked during the service, as permitted by county regulations.
  • Physical distancing in the Sanctuary is not required at this time, but it is strongly encouraged.
  • We urge all who are eligible to get vaccinated to protect themselves and the community, especially in consideration of those who are unable to get vaccinated. However, we will not check vaccination cards at the door.

Other Building Usage

  • Masks are required for any Temple-sponsored events held at the Temple. No food or drinks are being served at this time to ensure masks can remain on at all times. 
  • Our social halls will continue to be rented. Following county regulations, everyone must remain masked at all times other than when eating and drinking. 

Machane TBA and Gan Ami

Both schools are governed by state and county regulations and licensing. Specific protocols for each school will be communicated to families by email from our school directors. Please contact Kim Roberts if you have questions about Machane TBA and Paula Sayag if you have questions about Gan Ami.