The TBAHigh Student Council is comprised of the Executive Board, Cabinet Positions and Committees.   These teen leaders help to shape all aspects of TBAHigh programming. 


The Executive Board leads the Student Council Committees to plan programs for the year.  It meets every week when TBAHigh is in session. 9th-12th graders are eligible to hold Executive Board Positions.

TBAHigh 2023-2024 Executive Board:

Executive Board:
President: Izzy Sophir

Vice President: Lily King
Communication VP: Hayley Cooper
Programming VP: Madison Moorhead
Kehillah VP’s: Andrew Feinstein and Noah Ploff
Religious and Cultural VP’s: Sophie Levine and Camille Freedman
Social Action VP’s: Hailey Rotker and Emma Karlin

Cabinet Board Members:
Programming: Asher Erdheim

Kehillah: Mia Flaherty
Religious and Cultural: Anna Lizondo
Social Action: Alyssa Sambur

Executive Board Position Descriptions:


Cabinet Members act as representatives for their grade.  The Cabinet Positions are open to all current TBAHigh students* who would like a leadership role, including those already a part of the Kehillah, Programming, Social Action, and Cultural committees.

* TBAjrHigh 7th graders can apply to be 8th grade representative for the following year.

TBAHigh 2023-2024 Cabinet Members/Grade Reps:

8th Grade: Jake Ilkovitch
9th Grade: Gwen Hilwig
10th Grade: Julia Rosenstock
11th Grade: Paul Weiner
12th Grade: Brielle Rudolph

Position Description:


Student Council Committees meet on TBAHigh Leadership Nights, which are once in every 4-week rotation.  The Committees are:

Programming Committee: Learning to plan, implement and lead large-scale programs
Kehillah Committee: Planning social events
Social Action Committee: Planning social action programs and projects
Cultural Committee: Planning creative services, holiday celebrations and cultural programs

For questions about Student Council, contact Alyssa Katon, Supervisor, TBAHigh