TBAHigh is a multi-faceted and all-encompassing approach to Jewish teen engagement for students in grade 8-12.  Our program focuses on Jewish learning, identity and community-building, and it draws on the best practices of successful youth engagement.  

TBAHigh runs on a four-week rotation.  The following is the schedule:

WEEK 1: Tochnit (Large Scale Programming)
School-wide programming exploring relevant hot topics and holiday celebrations through experiential programs and discussion.

WEEK 2: Grade Level Kehillah/Chugim (Community & Activity)
Students will rotate by grade to each chug (activity).   Chugim may include:

Kehillah: Building and strengthening community through fun, engaging grade-level activities.

Art: Exploring creative expression with Jewish mixed-media arts.

Cooking: Hands on culinary classes through a Jewish lens. Students eat the food prepared!

Social Action: Engaging students in hands-on community service projects (onsite & offsite) within the context of Jewish values. Students earn 2 SSL hours per class.

Music: Building community through the power of music.

WEEK 3: Grade Level Curriculum

8th Grade: Comparative Judaism: Students explore the intricacies of major Jewish denominations through conversations with different Rabbis.   

9th Grade: Comparative Religion: Students learn about Christianity, Islam and eastern religions through an introductory lesson and conversations with various members and leaders from various houses of worship throughout the community.  

10th Grade: Confirmation: Students meet with the Rabbis as they evaluate and clarify their beliefs and reaffirm their commitment to Judaism at a Confirmation Service. 

11th Grade: Social Justice: Students identify the Jewish values associated with Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) and apply them to current issues in our community. Students learn about philanthropy through different philanthropic opportunities

12th Grade: Graduation: The senior class explores a variety of topics including college preparation, making Jewish choices, budgeting, confronting anti-Semitism and Israel issues on campus, nutrition and creating a Jewish home.  Students are honored for their commitment to Jewish education at a celebratory Shabbat service in the spring. 

WEEK 4: Leadership Elective

Leadership 101: Comprehensive study of effective leadership with a focus on teambuilding.

Student Council Programming Committee: Planning large-scale programs.

Student Council Kehillah Committee: Planning social events.

Student Council Social Action Committee: Planning social action projects.

Student Council Cultural Committee: Planning creative services and overnights.

Aliyah Bet: Continuing Jewish education focused on interest-driven topics. 

Homework Hangout: Students socialize while doing homework, with peer and staff support.


Each year, a special trip or retreat is planned for each grade.

  • 8th Grade:  Snow Tubing trip
  • 9th Grade:  Love, Relationships and Sexuality Retreat – Held at TBA
  • 10th Grade:  Confirmation trip to NYC
  • 11th & 12th Grade : Southern Civil Rights Journey (NOTE: In the 2022-2023 school year, 11th & 12th graders will take their Confirmation trip to NYC that they missed due to the pandemic, in place of the Southern Civil Rights Journey)

Trip and retreat dates will be shared with students and parents and posted to the Machane calendar.