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Information Resources to Follow State and Local Government (Posted on Jan. 29, 2022)


Marc Korman, head of the Montgomery County delegation in Annapolis, in a recent newsletter to constituents offered several informational resources for those interested in following legislation in Annapolis.

  • The General Assembly’s schedule is available here

  • You can look up legislation and track its progress here

  • You can view the committee schedules here

In addition to the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, these websites cover Annapolis:

The following podcast is also available

Locally Bethesda Beat regularly carries both county and state news about what is going on in Annapolis or Rockville.

County Government

The homepage for Montgomery County Government is

This page provides links to the following

  • Council Agenda and Committee Agenda
  • Council members at a Glance
  • Watch Live/Archived Meetings and Read Staff Reports and Testimony
  • Email All Council members
  • Sign up to Testify Live or Submit Testimony Online
  • View Bills, Resolutions, SRAs, and Legislative Updates