Nursery School (TBANS)

Welcome to our 30th School Year!

At TBANS, children acquire skills in six areas of development which together allow them to establish the endurance, executive functioning and play abilities necessary for future academic and social success.

Endurance: The ability to do everything longer, including sitting, attending, writing, conversing and focusing.

Executive Functioning: The combination of effortful self-control, working memory, and flexible thinking that allows for organization, planning and the synthesis of information and ideas.

Play: The creativity and team-work required to learn with others, expand ideas, develop new concepts, and use one’s body and mind to investigate the world.


Throughout their years at TBANS, each child progresses along their own developmental paths in the areas of Communication, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Problem-Solving, Personal and Social Development. For each developmental area, we expect there to be variation among the children as well as within each individual child. At TBANS, we know that every child develops at their own pace, and teachers support each child’s path toward success.

Read our Framework for Early Education at TBANS which expresses our specific goals for TBANS students, delineating the skills that we work to help each child build during their time in our school, as they prepare for future social and academic success.

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