Kayitz Weekly Themes
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Kayitz Week 1

Week 1 – Restaurant Wars!
Each day campers will produce a different course (appetizer, soup, main dish, or dessert) or an item from a certain cuisine and build a creative restaurant around it. Over the course (no pun intended!) of the week they will also be working on a final idea for their very own restaurant, expanding on the types of foods that their restaurant would serve based on the experiences they have had in specialty. Campers will be introduced to a variety of cuisines, cooking skills and presentations throughout the week.

Kayitz Week 2

Week 2 – Drama

Our campers will explore acting, drama, and improv.  These skills will be featured in an imaginative and dramatic performance at the culmination of the week.

Kayitz Week 3

Week 3 – Sports Clinics

Four intensive workshops that dive into a different movement-based activity. Clinics will be led by an outside specialist in that area, building skills and putting into practice their learning through a variety of activities.

Kayitz Week 4

Week 4 – Art

Campers will have the opportunity to develop a variety of art skills from our specialists. Art may include drawing, painting, sketching, sculpting and more!

Kayitz Week 5

Week 4 – Nailed It

We will be decorating cupcakes into unique and artful creations all week long! Animal face cupcakes, floral cupcakes, and hamburger cupcakes are all on the menu this week. Lot’s of baking skills and activities are to be introduced ending with endless edible creations!

Kayitz Week 6

Week 4 – Lego’s

Campers will create their very own Lego masterpieces and then bring them to life with the power of robotics.  Campers will have access to an endless supply of Legos and the opportunity to learn from expert builders.