L’Mata (Experiential-Based) Program

The l’mata block has two basic parts. First, the entire group (all of grades 3-6) meets in the sanctuary for ruach (a spirited song session) and t’filah (prayer). With the clergy and song leaders, students learn Jewish songs and liturgy in an energetic, music-filled session. Next, the morning will take one of 4 paths.

  1. Tochniot (large scale programs) – These programs range in topic and might include holidays, history, Jewish eco-farming, Israel, or other relevant Jewish subjects.
  2. Choice chugim (elective classes) – Students choose from a list of several possible classes.
  3. Chugim (grade level activities) – Among other activities, we have art, Israeli Dance, and Jewish movement with specialists and clergy.
  4. Kitah (individual class time) – Each grade has a middot (Jewish values) curriculum.

The L’mala and L’mata blocks are designed to complement one another with a goal of students achieving confidence in their Jewish education, competency in Hebrew prayer, and a strong sense of Jewish identity and community.