Primary (Grades Pre-K-2)

Our youngest students at Machane TBA receive a broad introduction to Jewish life by exploring Jewish holidays, Jewish values, Hebrew, bible stories and Tefillah (prayer). Guided by our thoughtful teachers and clergy, our innately spiritual students in grades Pre-K-2 learn about the importance of Tzedakah (charitable giving) and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), and synagogue rituals.

By the end of Bet (2nd Grade) students in our program should successfully be able to decode basic one and two-syllable Hebrew words, and participate in holiday observances and important Jewish rituals.


Our Primary students receive special instruction in Jewish art, movement, and music. Students also participate in “Ask the Rabbi” sessions during which they engage in direct dialogue with our rabbis. In addition, students engage in large scale interactive programming such as a Passover Seder, a Jonah and the Whale reenactment, a Noah’s Ark Program and Tikkun Olam activities.

Primary Enrichment

Primary Enrichment provides our Pre-K-2nd grade students with three diverse 7-week fun, educational class sessions on Sunday mornings after their regular Machane session. Children are given the opportunity to engage in social activities and meet children from other grades and classes whom they might not ordinarily spend time with during their Machane session. Children have a snack of bagels with cream cheese, butter or jelly and juice and they have time for free play.

Primary Kehillah

Primary Kehillah are stand-alone youth programs for our Pre-K-2nd grade students held on Sunday mornings after their regular Machane session.  These are structured social programs with a fun, age-appropriate, engaging activity.  In the past, they learned about Tikkun Olam when Star Gazing Farm animals visited and we created crafts to be sold to raise funds for this nonprofit animal sanctuary.  We’ve baked hamentashen and made mishloach manot gift bags to donate.  We provide bagels with cream cheese, butter or jelly and juice.  There is time for free play, in addition to their Primary Kehillah Program.

Primary Faculty

Atzmai’im (“Independents”) Inclusion Program

Our school is extremely proud to have one of the longest-standing synagogue inclusion programs in the DC Metro area which serves students of all abilities. The Atzma’im program is available on Sunday mornings. This cohort of students is fully included among their peers and is supervised by a highly-trained Inclusion Coordinator and aided by a team of trained student madrichim who provide one-on-one support and assistance. This program represents a partnership between families and Machane, and students participate in a capacity which works most effectively for their individual needs.

For each grade, Tzedakah will be collected in class each week and students will choose, as a class, where to donate the funds.

Chugim are weekly specialty classes such as Omanut (art), Shira (music), Yoga and Tefilah (prayer).

Fun Things to Do in k-2