Jewish Education Goals  

The goal of Jewish education within the Reform movement is the deepening of Jewish experience and knowledge for all Jews in order to strengthen faith in God, love of Torah, and identification with the Jewish people through involvement in the synagogue and participation in Jewish life. We believe that Judaism contains answers to the challenges and questions confronting the human spirit, and that only a knowledgeable Jew can successfully discover these answers.

Family Education

The Jewish people have always believed that it takes an entire community to raise a Jewish child. At Temple Beth Ami, we take this concept seriously, and our enhanced family education programs are an integral part of our community. We view Jewish family education as a way to provide parents with opportunities to learn Jewish skills and gain Jewish knowledge in a comfortable, supportive synagogue environment. It is our way of helping to enable parents to participate more fully in the partnership between the home and the synagogue in the Jewish education of their children. Our exciting and innovative family education programs include parent and child activities together and also opportunities for adult study.