Communication Between Teachers and Parents/Guardians

Email is the most common form of communication between parents and teachers.

  • Emails may replicate information sent through other channels, provide reminders of classroom activities, or announce new and upcoming opportunities.
  • Parents should read all emails received and provide any requested responses.
  • Teachers will respond to emails in a timely fashion; however, teachers are not always able to read or respond to email during the school day while they are teaching.
  • During school hours, if parents need to provide teachers with any pertinent, time-sensitive information about their child, contact the Director,, 301-762-5594.

Private Classroom Site. Each class will have a private digital site with posts and pictures depicting your child’s school experiences. At the beginning of the school year, parents or guardians will be invited to the site, and teachers will explain the protocols for following, responding to, and engaging with their particular classroom community. Only parents or guardians of a child in a given classroom and school administrators are granted access to each classroom site.

Phone Calls. Teachers may call parents on occasion to share information about their child’s participation in the classroom. If you want to arrange a time to talk with your teachers by phone, email them to schedule a mutually convenient time.

Designated Parent-Teacher Meetings. Teachers will schedule formal parent-teacher conferences at least twice per year. You are welcome to schedule additional meetings to discuss your child’s educational progress. Email your teacher to arrange a time.