Your Voice, Our Vision - Vision 2020, the project to shape Beth Ami's future

The Vision 2020 Project invites the entire congregation to take an active role in shaping our synagogue’s future.

Through Vision 2020 we will take an objective view of external and internal trends that impact our membership and shape our congregation’s path to the future. We will work together to understand the changing social landscape, researching how new challenges like shifting demographics, generational feelings about affiliation, decreasing membership across membership organizations, and economic uncertainties will impact our ability to sustain and grow our communiity.

We will use this information to guide us as we explore membership and dues models, engagement and education across all demographics, management and operations, fundraising and finances, communication, facilities, and governance.

Our goal is to keep Temple Beth Ami an active, growing, inclusive, and vital spiritual community for the next 20 years and beyond.

Our comprehensive strategic planning initiative will offer many opportunities for your participation:

  • House meetings
  • Face-to-face discussions
  • Congregational survey

Our Vision 2020 Committee wants to actively involve all parts of our congregational community.

Look for specific dates in the Temple’s weekly Up to the Minute as well as dedicated e-blasts that will direct you to RSVP for events from mid-January through mid-March.

The process is designed around out-of-the-box thinking. Our goal is to create a collaborative culture that invites and embraces new ideas and which stimulates creative thinking. All ideas are welcome. We can’t achieve big things unless we’re open to the possibilities.

We will keep this process as transparent as possible. Through this page will will give the enire congregation access to the materials we have collected, the events we are planning, the research we do, and the conclusions we draw.

If you want more information, or wish to become more involved in this process, please contact the Vision 2020 chairs, Nancy Shapiro and Tom Temin.

Research Committees