ShulCloud is Coming in January!

Dear TBA Community,
I hope your family has been safe and healthy in recent days and that the secular new year is joyful.
The staff is working diligently on the transition of our congregational database from Chaverweb to ShulCloud. Because of the time needed to fully build out the new system, ShulCloud will not be accessible to the congregation until the end of January. Accordingly, this is what you can expect during this month while we are managing the transition:
Making Payments for Dues, Tuition, and Fees
  • If you pay by check – You will receive a statement in the mail in January as you normally would, and you can continue to mail checks to TBA.
  • If you pay by credit card or direct debit – You will receive a statement in the mail in January with a letter informing you that your credit card/bank account information will NOT transfer from Chaverweb to ShulCloud. For January only, you can mail a payment by check OR delay your January payment until February. Once ShulCloud is live, you will be able to enter your credit card/bank account information into our secure system and easily make any payments to TBA. This will include the ability to set up automatic payments each month.
Making Donations
You can continue to make donations:
  • By check mailed to the Temple office.
  • Online by credit card via Pay Pal on our website or by calling the Temple office.
Accessing the Membership Directory
There is NO ACCESS to the membership directory until ShulCloud is accessible to the congregation. If you need assistance contacting other members during the transition, please contact the Temple office during regular business hours so we can assist you.
The good news for you is that ShulCloud is much easier to use than Chaverweb. In our new system, you will be able to:
  • Update your personal information, including mailing address, email addresses, phone numbers, and yahrzeits
  • Access, sort, and search a comprehensive member directory
  • Manage your household financial account, and make payments and/or donations by credit card or electronic check (ACH). Paper checks will continue to be accepted.
  • Register for Gan Ami, Machane TBA, and special events throughout the year.
We will continue to share more details as we get closer to going “live” with ShulCloud, which is anticipated to be no later than January 31. At that time, you will have full access to paying dues, tuition, and fees; making donations, and accessing the membership directory. Complete instructions will be shared with you when we “go live.”
Thank you in advance for your patience as our staff works to learn and customize this new system to better meet your needs.
Executive Director