Good early childhood education requires freedom of movement and independence. Children should dress in comfortable clothing that fits properly and can get messy. Children who are potty trained should wear clothes they can manage independently (such as pants with elastic waist bands). Children should always wear (or bring) a pair of sneakers. Clothes will often get dirty with mud, paint, markers, clay and more, so clothes should be washable. If particular clothing items may not be torn or stained, please do not send your child to school in those clothes.

An extra set of clothes, including underwear and socks, must be kept in the classroom. To be usable, these clothes should be replaced as the child grows and the seasons change. For children not yet potty trained, please provide appropriately sized diapers and wipes to be kept in your child’s classroom.

Children should dress appropriately for the weather. With rare exception, children go outside every day. Children’s clothes should all be labeled clearly, so lost articles may be returned.