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Machane TBA B'Yachad L'mala/L'mata Resources
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Tfilah and shira

T’filah (prayer) is an important part of our Jewish experience. L’Mata students will have a live T’filah and Shira (song) session on a 3-week rotation.

Participate in T’filah each week by watching this video! 

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As you progress in your Hebrew studies, here are some important prayers that you can refer to as you learn them in class.

3rd and 4th Grade
The Shema

The Shema is the most important prayer in Judaism. This prayer proclaims our belief in one God. Many Jewish people say the Shema every night before bed.   Read it and listen to it.

5th Grade
Prayers for Friday night Shabbat Services

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Prayer Click to read Click to listen
Shalom Aleichem Read Listen
L’chu N’ranana Read Listen
Lecha Dodi-Chorus Read Listen
V’Ahavta Read Listen
Mi Chamocha Read Listen
V’Shamru Read Listen
Avot V’Imahot Read Listen
G’vurot Read Listen
Shalom Rav Read Listen
Oseh Shalom Read Listen
Aleinu Read Listen
Adon Olam Read Listen

6th Grade
Torah Service Prayers/Shabbat Morning and Shabbat Afternoon

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Daily Blessings Read & listen
Shema V’Ahavta Read & listen
Avot V’Imahot Read & listen
G’vurot Read & listen
Yismechu Read & listen
Ain Kamocha Read & listen
Av HaRachamim Read & listen
Ki Mitzion Read & listen
Shema/Echad/Gadlu Read & listen
V’Zot HaTorah Read & listen
Eytz Chaim Read & listen
Ashrei Read & listen
Havdalah blessings Read & listen

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