Looking for a quiet space to read a book, do some work or enjoy a cup of coffee? Stop by the Temple Beth Ami Library and enjoy its window view, large selection of books for all ages and Keurig machine.

The Temple Library is part of a larger function space housing both the Library and a meeting room.  The books in the Library are arranged according to the Weine classification code, a decimal system specifically for Jewish Libraries.  A large chart on the bulletin board to the left as one enters lists all of the categories and in which bookcase the books can be located.  Above each bookcase is a sign indicating which categories are located in that particular bookcase.  The center bookcase contains the CD and DVD collections. A complete set of the English translation of the Talmud is in a separate bookcase between the two rooms. 

The meeting room space houses the Children’s collection.  These also are arranged by Weine classifications with signs to indicate the individual categories.

To borrow a book, just fill out the information on the sign-out sheet on the the table in front of the bulletin board.