Temple Life

Temple Beth Ami’s strength lies in the active involvement of members in a variety of volunteer committees. We are a hands-on congregation and membership in committees is open to all. Anyone wishing to join a committee should contact the Temple office or the contact listed beneath the committee description.

Do you have a special talent or interest?  Want to make new friends? Committees give members many avenues for involvement. They make the congregation a warm and welcoming Jewish community and offer opportunities for members to find spiritual, social, and intellectual fulfillment.

Budget and Finance – works with TBA’s senior staff to estimate membership, donations and expenses in order to develop an annual budget for all aspects of the Temple.  Contact Madeline D’Alessio.   

Hospitality (Erev Shabbat) – helps provide a friendly, welcoming environment at Friday night services though greetings and conversation. Contact Cathy Friedman. 

Library  meets monthly to keep the Library in order.  Books that have been removed from the shelves or borrowed are put away and the shelves are straightened.  Holiday displays are arranged on top of the bookcases in the Children’s section.  Purchases of books or media are made as needed. Contact Roz Katz  or Barbara Ranhand.

College Connection – maintains a connection with our young members who are away at school or in the military. Contact Jackie Manis.