B'nai Mitzvah Student Tutoring Timeline

Group Lesson Group Trope Lesson with Cantor Eschler
Tutor Lesson 1 Know Torah tropes and blessings before and after Torah
Tutor Lesson 2 Know first 1/3 Torah sentences on trope side
Tutor Lesson 3 Know first 1/3 Torah sentences on Torah side
Tutor Lesson 4 Know second 1/3 Torah sentences on trope side
Tutor Lesson 5 Know second 1/3 Torah sentences on Torah side (2/3 of parsha total)
Tutor Lesson 6 Know third 1/3 Torah sentences on trope side
Tutor Lesson 7 Know all Torah sentences on Torah side.  Prep for Torah Review.
Torah Review With Cantor Eschler:
* Must know parsha from Torah side and Blessings before and after Torah
* Congregation Aliyah Torah reader must attend and read Torah portion from trope sheets (if applicable)
Tutor Lesson 8 Know Haftarah tropes (Tracks 29-46) and blessings after Haftarah (Tracks 60 & 61)
Tutor Lesson 9 Know Blessing before Haftarah (Track 59) and first 1/2 Haftarah sentences
SPEECH LESSON D’var Torah/Haftarah Speech with Rabbi 
Tutor Lesson 10 Finish Haftarah/ Review Torah
Tutor Lesson 11  Review Torah Service Prayers: Ain Kamocha thru Adon Olam (or Eliyahu Hanavi)
SPEECH LESSON Pirkei Avot and Personal Speech with Rabbi
Tutor Lesson 12 Review Torah/Haftarah, Blessings before and after, Torah Service Prayers
BIMA 1* Bima Rehearsal 1 with Cantor
– Read Tallit Blessing
– Chant Torah portions from Torah scroll (with Torah blessings)
– Chant Haftarah (with Haftarah blessings)
– Sing all Torah Service Prayers
* Congregation Aliyah Torah reader must attend and read Torah portion from Torah scroll (if applicable)
Tutor Lesson 13 Review Prayers: Tallit Blessing thru Oseh Shalom
Family Meeting Family Meeting with Rabbi
Tutor Lesson 14 Review Everything
BIMA 2 Bima Rehearsal with Rabbi
• Same as 1st Bima rehearsal
• Practice reading speeches from pulpit
BIMA 3 Final Bima Rehearsal with Rabbi